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Product Development
& Integration

Design for Manufacture

With the huge increase in demand for Hybrid and EV developments, FutureMotiv offer differentiation in the market place by using our great pedigree to deliver safe (ISO26262) and robust systems.

Our technological advanced solutions not only provide rapid prototypes for our clients, but support the delivery of mass market producible systems, ensuring program success for clients and end users alike.

FutureMotiv supports our clients’ products throughout the full product-life-cycle development utilising our skilled team of technical experts from start to finish.

Bespoke Integration

Our highly skilled electronics and software engineers provide bespoke integration capabilities for motors and transmissions from an electrical, thermal and mechanical aspect.

FutureMotiv support requests for Labcars and HiL rigs which are built to customer requirements, these include:

  • Battery test rigs
  • ECU HiL rigs – Including simulation of plant models
  • Labcars for both low and high voltage systems
  • Low volume pilot line module / sub assembly manufacture

FutureMotiv also provide a selection of tailored Hybrid/EV training courses for our clients, covering HV awareness, diagnosis, and the testing and repair of Electric/Hybrid Vehicles and their associated components.