Electrical Systems Integration

Full Design & Specification of electrical systems

HV & LV Harness

High Voltage & Low Voltage Harness Design & Manufacture


Integration of battery into
underbody “skateboard” concepts

FutureMotiv specialises in low carbon vehicle technologies

RLE FutureMotiv Ltd. provides engineering services to support vehicle programs at all stages of development. We provide technical support for integrating electric, hybrid and fuel cell technologies.

FutureMotiv Key Objectives

FutureMotiv aims to be the trusted supplier for high quality, low-carbon vehicle technology for cars, buses, trucks, marine, aero and off-highway applications.
FutureMotiv builds on the capabilities of its parent RLE International and the IPR / Know-how inherited from FrostEV

Our capability is focussed on the System integration of electric powertrain solutions for niche and production vehicles;
Our Services cover the spectrum from design through to prototyping, build and verification of integrated solutions
Principally EV and hybrid powertrain solutions for passenger and heavy commercial purposes
Electrical and Mechanical Integration of HV batteries
Development of electronic controls, switching and distribution of HV power
Verification of all developed systems, both off and on vehicle testing

Robust design principles include the adoption of industry standard processes such as
ISO26262 for electrical functional safety
Design for six sigma to ensure robust manufacturing solutions
Design within the framework of robust S-FMEA and D-FMEA processes
Ensuring that all solutions are not just fine for one prototype but also have a strong route to volume production

In depth EV powertrain and energy storage system integration capability
Electronics design capability to support
  • Supporting inverter, charger, DC/DC converter and power distribution unit components
  • Allows systems to be specified, and adapted for specific customer applications
  • HIL rig test rig and Labcar build and commissioning
High Voltage battery integration capability
  • Including mechanical integration to vehicle body
  • Battery packs optimised for customer application
  • Including BMS integration
Control system development capability tailored to safety case and selected powertrain components
Robust system development processes
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