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OCTOBER 2023 Monthly Newsletter

The FutureMotiv team has had as productive as ever completing projects, exhibiting at shows, and even introducing their own initiatives to brighten up the office.

Second CENEX a Success

2022 was our debut exhibition at the CENEX Low Carbon Vehicle and Connected Automated Mobility Events and was a fantastic experience. So much so that we decided to do it again this year on 5 & 6 September.

At this year’s show, we wanted to add something a little more dynamic, so we created a film for the stand to provide insight into our work, culture, and processes.

A huge thank you to everyone who came to see us at Milbrook Proving Ground, and, of course, to those who worked behind the scenes to make sure that the exhibition went by without a hitch. A special thank you also to our colleagues who came to represent FM at the event. We hope that their expertise and insights have been useful for everyone who wanted to know more about what we do and visitors generally interested in the trends in low-carbon technologies.

See you next year for the hat trick!

FutureMotiv Report on Hydrogen Mobility

For our latest report, the FutureMotiv team pooled together their knowledge of the Hydrogen-fuelled vehicle landscape and looked to see what the outlook for Hydrogen looks like as a low-carbon fuel alternative.

We are so pleased to publish this piece. Thank you to all of our collaborators for the work and effort they have put into this report.

Evolution of in-car Infotainment

What does the future of infotainment look like?

It was in 1965 that Ford released the AutoVision, a 12-inch portable TV built to be powered by their vehicles’ cigarette lighters.

In-car entertainment has made significant advancements since then, but there will always be a push to give drivers and passengers more.

Infotainment systems are the norm now even in economy-tier models as connectivity to the world outside of your vehicle becomes a necessity.

With semi-autonomous driving on the rise, implementing GPS, video and camera systems into passenger vehicles is more important than ever.

Creating a car that people want to spend time in – not just drive – requires expert knowledge of electrical systems, user experience, and infotainment holistically.

How do you see the future of infotainment looking?

Technicolour Tuesdays

August in the UK was colder, darker, and wetter than we are used to so to liven up the office, a group of our colleagues encouraged the team to wear something yellow to bring the sun indoors.

As more and more people have become involved, those participating can now help decide on the colour for the week after.

Keep a lookout on our LinkedIn channel to see how this progresses!

Keep an eye out for our next newsletter in November!