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MAY 2023 Monthly Newsletter

Welcome to our first RLE-FutureMotiv Newsletter!  

Each month, we will be providing the latest news, insights, and updates from FutureMotiv HQ and we are so grateful you’ll be coming along for the ride!  

Q1 of 2023 has been quite the journey in passenger automotive. March 2023 saw BEVs take the third largest portion of market share. And with the legislative shift internationally towards low-and-zero emission vehicles, we are seeing consumer demand on the rise.  

The next challenge… supplying this demand!  

January saw us celebrating five years of business AND introduce a new Engineering Director. 

In February, we published the first edition of our annual magazine, and March was incredibly busy with training days, developments in the USA, and industry events.  

All that, on top of delivering best-in-class electrical engineering projects for our clients as we continue to provide mobility solutions for a sustainable future.  

Mobility where are we going?

Ever wondered what the future of autonomous mobility has in stock for us? 

In this month’s newsletter, we’re featuring our ‘Future of Autonomous Mobility’ trends guide. Breaking down the state of where the tech currently is, the updates expected just on the horizon and speculate what the long-term looks like… let’s just say the sky’s the limit. 

But 2022 has passed now, and we can add context to the mobility sector as a whole and the industry’s direction of travel (pun was wholeheartedly intended there, please forgive me). And two trends that have piqued our interest came from opposite ends of the scale. 

Last year saw an increase in demand for zero-emissions trucks as diesel alternatives, with logistics and heavy consumer vehicles second only to passenger mobility as the largest emitter of CO2 on the roads. 

A requirement to decarbonise the transportation of goods is of particular importance, especially as we start to see regulatory pressure from governments tighten across the globe. This, coupled with low-cost financing and subsidies, contributed to increased demand for low and zero-emissions trucks.  

2022 also highlighted the continued emergence of minimobility as an urban travel alternative. Now slicker, safer, and are more adapted to the contemporary requirements of Urban Mobility. Read all about it here. 

Trucks, Trucks, Trucks!

It was incredible to be a part of the Commercial Vehicle Show at Birmingham’s NEC this year. By attending, we were given the opportunity to speak to heavy and light commercial vehicle OEMs and discuss the challenges they face when developing fuel cell and battery electric trucks.  

FutureMotiv are fortunate enough to have a vast breadth of knowledge and experience providing electronics to clients across the vehicular spectrum and being able to speak to those who are developing the next generation of road freight vehicles affords us valuable insight into the market trends.  

Keep an eye out for us at other shows in the coming year. We all love the opportunity to broaden our horizons and have fostered a culture of continual development – both on an individual and company level.  

FutureMotiv’s American Journey 

I briefly touched upon it earlier, but FutureMotiv is looking to take full advantage of the fervent appetite for low-carbon vehicle projects across the pond.

We will be replicating all our UK activities in the US, at our new base of Romulus, Michigan.

Our new VP of USA – Varoujan Sarkissian – is heading up proceedings and it was wonderful to have him in the UK meeting the team, fully immersing himself in the FutureMotiv way of life.

And we are in the process of building the team over there, with a number of open vacancies. Pass on the link to anyone you believe will be a good fit!

What should I talk about for my next edition of the newsletter? What trends have you spotted that would make an interesting topic? It would be great to get your feedback!

Until next time!