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MARCH 2024 Monthly Newsletter

Spring is here (kind of!) 

Despite the terrible weather, it’s been another productive and enjoyable month for FutureMotiv.  

From eating pancakes to networking with clients, there’s plenty to update you on. 

Great food and great company 

We had a double celebration last month as the team marked National Pancake Day AND Employee Appreciation Day – all at the same time!  

Despite the dreary weather, spirits were high as we chatted, shared business updates and enjoyed delicious pancakes together. 

It was fantastic to see everyone together. Our team make every day brighter – rain or shine. 

Catching up with clients 

Earlier this month, two of our engineers headed to the Hydrogen Tech Expo in Telford, Shropshire. 

It’s always great to meet our clients and hear their thoughts on what’s happening in the industry. 

Here’s what our engineers had to say about the event:

“We really enjoyed listening to the speakers who attended, understanding trends in the industry and the background behind those trends.” 

“I enjoyed the talks from industry and academic experts speaking positively of some of the projects ongoing right now, and what their advice is for aspiring startups trying to take on the industry.”

If you’re interested in learning more about hydrogen-fuelled commercial vehicles, you can do so by reading this article.

Why we need women in STEM 

While representation of women in engineering and other STEM fields is slowly rising, it’s evident that these industries are still male dominated.  

On International Women’s Day, we shared our article exploring what’s behind the lack of women in STEM, why things need to change and why FutureMotiv is proud to have seen a 42% increase in female employees over the past year.

As we get deeper into spring, we’re keeping our fingers crossed that the rain stays away!  

Have a great month and keep an eye on the FutureMotiv website and our LinkedIn page for updates.