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APRIL 2024 Monthly Newsletter

Although we’ve had lots of rain in the UK this month, the FutureMotiv team have done well to keep their spirits up – with us celebrating Eid and raising money for Red Nose Day, to our Head of Batteries & High Voltage heading to Germany to work with our partners at RLE International.

Celebrating at FutureMotiv

Our team come from all over the world, with a huge mixture of cultures and individuals – we live by the words “diversity makes our company more innovative”. And having the entire team share in our celebrations of Eid, at the end of Ramadan, showed just how unique the FutureMotiv team is.

Thank you to all who contributed to the celebrations. Getting the whole team in the office to enjoy great food with great company is what makes FutureMotiv such a positive place to work and a fantastic company to work for.

But Eid wasn’t the only time the team got the chance to share in each other’s cultures.

It’s become an annual tradition for us to use Red Nose Day as an opportunity to have the team bring in traditional dishes from around the world and this year – we might have gone a little overboard!

Off to Germany

FutureMotiv works with clients all around the world and we sent our Head of Batteries & High Voltage to Germany to work with our partners at RLE International and meet some new clients. He even took our signature toy car along with him!

You’ll be able to hear from him next month at the Advance Automotive Battery Conference in Strasbourg, France on 13 – 16 May.

You can register for the event here:

Getting stuck in treacle?

Working with a huge range of startups and OEMs gives us a unique insight into the hurdles that automotive startups face as they move from an idea, to funding, to hitting the market.

Our latest whitepaper explores the challenges faced by startups in the low-carbon automotive space and how they can use their size and agility to avoid startup “treacle”.

Access the Whitepaper

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