Project Scope:

FutureMotiv can deliver complete system engineering for an HV battery pack including battery management and safety features:

  • Alignment with powertrain performance goals and regional environmental boundaries (e.g. temperatures)
  • Definition of use cases, load management and safety features:
    Charge process and balance strategy (passive vs. active balancing)
    • Development of charge and recuperation strategy aligned with cell performance values
    State of Charge(SoC) value definition and calculation
    • Definition of power train load management in alignment with SoC values derived from cell characteristics
    Development of common powertrain error state matrix and resulting safe system behaviour
    Development of high voltage relay circuit including pre-charge and safety features to cover relay malfunction(relay diag, interlock etc.)
    Development of thermal management and definition of influence of SoC and load management (low vs. high cell temperature)
    • Definition of isolation guard
  • Development of safety guidance/manual for service application
  • Extension of CAN comms. matrix for new values to be communicated via CAN
  • Guidance for packaging (esp. crash performance)


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